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Home inspections are a significant part of the home buying and selling process. If you're looking for an attention to detail home inspection, you can stop your search.
Pre-Purchase inspections* are just what it sounds like. We use the most up to date techniques and standards per ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors. You can rest assure knowing your potoentional new dream home or rental property will be inspected to the best of our abilities.
*Most homes take between 2-3 hours to inspect (depending on size and age). A simple to read yet detailed report including all normal and abnormal findings with color pictures is completed shortly after the inspection.  Most inspection reports are completed and sent to the customer with in 10-15 minutes.
Home warranty Inspections

Living in a new home with a 10 year warranty? Most builders only cover the inside for the first year and the outside for 10. Before your warranty is up have us inspect your new home for any issues over looked during the builders final inspection. Many home builders are rushing to finish your home to make deadlines and may have cut corners that are not visable to the advarge person. Make use of that warranty and make your house perfect like a new home should be. You would be surprised by how many problems are found in a "new home."

Pre-listing inspections* are an important part in prepairing your home for sale. Many home owners prefer to find any issues before listing their house for sale, instead of having something "pop up" when you start escrow and have your house inspected by the buyer.


This can not only save you money, but time. If issues are found prior to listing,  you can fix them on your own terms and time frame. Don't risk having an issue "pop up" days before closing escrow that could cost you more money to fix and delay the closing.

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